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TTF Investigates – Taste the Rainbow

Taste the rainbow featured image

Eating healthy is literally a constant daily challenge for me. There are so many rules that you have to follow — drink lots of water, five servings of vegetables, no nightshades — that it seems impossible. Which is how we came up with our easy concept – taste the rainbow. In order to simplify things, […] Read more…

TTF Investigates — The Case of the Cold Water Switch

Cold Water Switch

I’m not an insane person. I hate doing laundry as much as the next person, but also like the next person (particularly TTF readers), I’ve become environmentally aware over the past few years. With just some light research, we’ve come up with some fun and totally realistic ways to lighten your load when you’re doing […] Read more…

TTF Investigates: Changing your morning routine

Morning Routine Update

This is my waking up morning routine: Set my alarm 30 minutes before I know I will be getting out of bed so that I can hit the snooze at least 2 times. Hit the snooze buttons half a dozen times so that I can stay in bed until the very last possible second (if […] Read more…

TTF Investigates: Bisphenol A (BPA) in our Homes

FDA ban on Bisphenol BPA featured Image

Here at TTF HQ, we’re constantly looking to better ourselves through smart choices and information. Today we’re investigating bisphenol A (BPA) in household products. In 2012, the FDA banned the used of BPA in baby bottles and sippy cups. BPA is still being used in countless products available on the market so we wanted to […] Read more…