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BBQ Mussels

TTF's BBQ Mussels Recipe

These BBQ Mussels are my favorite type of recipe: All the ingredients and quantities are merely suggestions. This is pretty much impossible to screw up because it’s so easy. You’re going to look super fancy to your guests This is insanely delicious if you love mussels. Just make sure you buy mussels fresh the day […] Read more…

Pan-Tri Essentials — Dirty Rice topped with sautéd spinach & blackened shrimp

Dirty Rice took 20 minutes

Some days I’m not in the mood to cook but have a fridge full of goodies. Other days, I’m feeling inspired to make something yummy but there’s nothing in the fridge. Then there are those worst days where I’m not in the mood to make anything and I haven’t been to the market in ages. […] Read more…