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Tri-ple Picks — My 3 Favorite Things This Week

Alpine Strawberries — These Frenchie jewels are my current-favorite variety of strawberry. They’re tiny in size but HUMUNGOUS in flavor. This type of strawberry is extremely fragrant and very sweet. They’re the perfect size for topping my mini cupcakes* and garnishing desserts. I like to eat these completely unadorned, so if you’re making jam or […] Read more…

Pan-Tri Essentials — Tangerine bomb

I love citrus. Every house I’ve grown up in we’ve had a tangerine tree, so I have a particular affinity for tangerines. They’re like an orange’s sassier cousin. They add so much color and tang to everything I add them to and have a certain bite that’s missing from other citrus fruits. Especially when you […] Read more…

Tri-ple Picks — My 3 Favorite Things this week

These are my three favorite things this week.

Cuties — Clementines and satsumas come in different brands and shapes all the time. But I specifically recommend you get Cuties. The knock off brands all suck and end up being dry for half the batch IMO and worst of all, end up having a TON of seeds. Ugh (sorry Halos!) So when you pick […] Read more…

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