The Tri Factor


Watermelon Pizza

Watermelon Pizza featured image

I’ve said it before, but this pizza is seriously AMAZING. I created this recipe out of sheer laziness because I needed a last minute dish for a July 4th potluck that could be assembled very quickly. At the potluck I cut up an entire giant watermelon and I’m telling you, those slices FLEW. OFF. THE […] Read more…

Gateway Green Juice

Gateway Green Juice Featured Image

I just want to preface that I normally LOATHE a green juice or smoothie. I understand their benefits and I wish I was one of those hip people who work out constantly and drink nothing but green juices in the morning instead of my usual giant coffee. But to my surprise, this one I created […] Read more…

DIY Organic Facial: Smooth Criminal

Smooth Criminal Bunny

The one and only goal of this Smooth Criminal mask is to prevent wrinkles. Organic clay will tighten your skin and pores and increase your skin’s elasticity. The clay can get all over the place when you’re making this mask, so use this mask right away as soon as you make it. We named this […] Read more…

BBQ Mussels

TTF's BBQ Mussels Recipe

These BBQ Mussels are my favorite type of recipe: All the ingredients and quantities are merely suggestions. This is pretty much impossible to screw up because it’s so easy. You’re going to look super fancy to your guests This is insanely delicious if you love mussels. Just make sure you buy mussels fresh the day […] Read more…

DIY Organic Facials

Bunnies Clinking Glasses TTF

Making a homemade face mask is something that I always like in theory but never find the time to execute. Actually, masks are something that I never have time to do because I can never find a spare 30 minutes in my day to literally just lie around. But once I started making/using them, I’m […] Read more…

DIY Grape Costume

DIY Grape Costume

This DIY Grape Costume is super cute. I put it on a white shirt so that the grapes would really pop from a distance. Trust me, people were stopping me left and right the whole day that I was wearing this telling me how much they liked it. Even the hat would make a cute […] Read more…

Peanut Butter Puppy Cakes

Puppy Cake featured image

I don’t have a puppy of my own but we had a puppy party at work recently so I decided to make it extra special by coming up with a recipe for puppy cakes. Some research went into figuring out what ingredients were safe for dogs to eat and digest, hence why I selected items […] Read more…

Perfect Blueberry Muffins

Perfect Blueberry Muffins featured image

I love these perfect blueberry muffins. Actually, I just like muffins in general. Whenever I have people over, I serve most things family-style out of convenience and to preserve that cozy breaking bread experience. But I like to mix in a few individualized items to make everybody feel special. I made a double batch of […] Read more…

Tri-ed & True — Kumquat Lemonade

My deliciously easy kumquat lemonade recipe.

My love/obsession with lemonade has been well-documented (see Exhibit A & Exhibit B), so I’m always trying to develop new recipes based around that. My parents have a kumquat tree in their backyard, and kumquat trees are always bursting with fruit every season (on average about 300 kumquats for an medium tree). So this recipe […] Read more…

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