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Easy tips on how to be more Hygge

Easy Tips on How to be more Hygge artwork

Hygge, Shoulda, Woulda Move over Konmari, there’s a new happiness concept in town, and it’s WAY more realistic and pragmatic to achieve on top of that. Hygge (pronounced HUE-GAH) is a single-word idea that encapsulates coziness and well-being contentment while you’re enjoying the simpler things in life. I first learned about this Danish concept from […] Read more…

Happy Birthday to Me

TTF Birthday Cake

I hate my own birthday, which is ironic. TTF was built on the foundation of everyday celebrations and treating yourself. I love the concept of birthdays. I love celebrating and making a big deal out of other people’s birthdays. But I hate my own birthday. This has been a rather recent development for me. But […] Read more…

TTF Investigates — The Case of the Cold Water Switch

Cold Water Switch

I’m not an insane person. I hate doing laundry as much as the next person, but also like the next person (particularly TTF readers), I’ve become environmentally aware over the past few years. With just some light research, we’ve come up with some fun and totally realistic ways to lighten your load when you’re doing […] Read more…

TTF’s Best Party Guest Guide

TTF's Party Guest Guide

Here at TTF HQ, we’ve discussed at length how to throw a great party, but what about being a great party guest? Whether you’re going to your office holiday party, a wedding, a small intimate dinner party, or an epic New Year’s Bash, the rules are always the same: Show up at a reasonable time […] Read more…

TTF’s Best Party Planning Guide

TTF Party Planning Guide

The TTF Team knows a thing or two about throwing an amazing party, hence our party planning guide. There’s a big difference between being a great party goer and being a great party hostess. (We’ve managed to achieve both, don’t ask) To be a great guest, you essentially need to show up at a reasonable […] Read more…

Rejecting Rejection

Rejection featured image

Rejection is a gift that comes in many different packages: Vague: “We’ve decided to go in another direction.” Polite: “We are moving forward with another candidate.” Fake: “I’m just not looking for anything serious at the moment.” Slap: “No, thank you. You’re awful.” But either way, the end result always feels the same. Horrible. What’s […] Read more…

Friendship Part 5: Vacationing With Friends

Vacationing with friends featured image

*This is Part Five of my Tri-umphant Friendship series where I explore what friendship means to me and others. Read Part One, Part Two, Part Three and Part Four.*  You really don’t know someone until you’ve spent a week crammed into a tiny room with them. Things may be all fun and games when you […] Read more…

TTF Investigates: The real person behind TTF

TTF Anaylsis Featured image

This is the first in an article series called TTF Investigates. We will be reaching out to creative content creators and artisans to really get an idea of what motivates them, inspires them and hopefully get some of their secrets to success. People often ask me “What is TTF about?” Is it supposed to be a food […] Read more…

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