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Money Manners — What to do when people don’t have them

Money Manners featured image

Friends are the best. You can tell them anything and everything. They know all your secrets along with your ups and downs. Well, except when it comes to money. Finances can potentially make or break a relationship. People have a tendency to want to tiptoe on eggshells when it comes to that topic. Below, we’ve […] Read more…

Friendship Part 6: Breaking up with a Friend

When to break up with a friend featured image

In this arduous journey that we’re making through adulthood, there is a situation that every (sane) person will have to encounter at least once in their lives — ending a friendship. There are a number of valid reasons why you would need to end a friendship: Your friendship has become toxic Both of you have […] Read more…

Easy tips on how to be more Hygge

Easy Tips on How to be more Hygge artwork

Hygge, Shoulda, Woulda Move over Konmari, there’s a new happiness concept in town, and it’s WAY more realistic and pragmatic to achieve on top of that. Hygge (pronounced HUE-GAH) is a single-word idea that encapsulates coziness and well-being contentment while you’re enjoying the simpler things in life. I first learned about this Danish concept from […] Read more…

Earth Day: Thoughts on Advocacy, Footprints, and Mindfulness

Earth Day Tips

One of the pillars of our concept to Nourishing Your Inner Perspective is mindfulness. Mindfulness needs to start with putting back into your home what it has given to you. So in honor of Earth Day, now the perfect time to start! Let’s be real, we all work, we’re all super busy and we’re all […] Read more…

TTF Investigates — #OurVoteCounts

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How many hours have you dedicated to reading about the current political circus? Once the election is over, will you feel like that was time well spent? Are you going to be able to make a difference? Why #OutVoteCounts ? This has been an insane election cycle. More so than any campaign in recent memory, […] Read more…

TTF’s Best Party Planning Guide

TTF Party Planning Guide

The TTF Team knows a thing or two about throwing an amazing party, hence our party planning guide. There’s a big difference between being a great party goer and being a great party hostess. (We’ve managed to achieve both, don’t ask) To be a great guest, you essentially need to show up at a reasonable […] Read more…

Orlando Massacre — How to Help

Orlando Massacre Help

“The deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.” “A hate crime.” “Another terrorist attack on American soil.” No matter what you call it, this horrible tragedy that occurred just a few hours ago has upset me on so many levels. Many gay people assume that a gay club could be considered a “safe place.” Where hate […] Read more…

Ask Michelle — Breaking the waves 

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You’ve asked and now we’re answering. Keep them coming by commenting below your most pressing questions on all things beauty + skincare and our new Beauty Director, make-up artist Michelle Acosta will answer them. Today’s topic: Achieving & managing everyday beautiful hair.  My biggest pet peeve with films (besides unrealistic portrayals of female characters) is when […] Read more…

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