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TTF Happiness Guide — Part 1: Instant Joy

instant joy featured image

Wanting to be happy is a basic human desire and need. Tackling this issue can be daunting because (a) happiness can mean different things to different people and (b) a feeling can be objective. So figuring out the secret to guaranteed happiness can be like searching for the secret to the meaning of life in […] Read more…

Peachy Pom Pom – Behind the Scenes Part 1

Peachy Pom Pom BTS

Turning TTF into an e-commerce marketplace has been my plan from the beginning. Having my own business, creating my brand and sharing my creativity with people is why I love doing what I do. It just took me a while to figure out how I would execute this ambitious plan and also what I wanted […] Read more…

The Tri Factor – A Millennial Guide To Be Winning at Life

A Millennial Guide on how to be winning at life

When we created the The Tri Factor (TTF) in early 2015, we had some pretty lofty goals in mind for what we wanted to be: A digital platform for artisans and CEOs to share their stories A lifestyle/food/DIY/fashion/beauty/fitness blog An e-commerce hub that would encapsulate everything that we love An inspirational self-help guide on mindfulness, […] Read more…

Happy Birthday to Me

TTF Birthday Cake

I hate my own birthday, which is ironic. TTF was built on the foundation of everyday celebrations and treating yourself. I love the concept of birthdays. I love celebrating and making a big deal out of other people’s birthdays. But I hate my own birthday. This has been a rather recent development for me. But […] Read more…

TTF Investigates: Changing your morning routine

Morning Routine Update

This is my waking up morning routine: Set my alarm 30 minutes before I know I will be getting out of bed so that I can hit the snooze at least 2 times. Hit the snooze buttons half a dozen times so that I can stay in bed until the very last possible second (if […] Read more…

TTF’s Best Party Guest Guide

TTF's Party Guest Guide

Here at TTF HQ, we’ve discussed at length how to throw a great party, but what about being a great party guest? Whether you’re going to your office holiday party, a wedding, a small intimate dinner party, or an epic New Year’s Bash, the rules are always the same: Show up at a reasonable time […] Read more…

Optimizing Optimism

Optimizing Optimism Featured Image

Here at TTF HQ, our ultimate goal has always been to create an optimistic community in which positivity would thrive. We’ve always preferred the sunnier slices of life so why not create an idealistic online space where optimizing optimism would be celebrated? If you’re looking for snarky clickbait, there’s definitely no shortage of that nowadays. […] Read more…

Rejecting Rejection

Rejection featured image

Rejection is a gift that comes in many different packages: Vague: “We’ve decided to go in another direction.” Polite: “We are moving forward with another candidate.” Fake: “I’m just not looking for anything serious at the moment.” Slap: “No, thank you. You’re awful.” But either way, the end result always feels the same. Horrible. What’s […] Read more…

The TTF Fempire

TTF Fempire Feature Image

Listen up, y’all. TTF is on the lookout for strong women and men to feature in our new series: The TTF Fempire We will be celebrating content creators, girl bosses, pacesetters, and modern-day pioneers. When we can inspire each other, we end up empowering each other. Do you need to be a woman in order […] Read more…

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