I created The Tri Factor (TTF) with the intent that it would become one of those rare and special places in the internet that’s a culmination of good eating, discovering new favorites, living well, being mindful and fulfilling your ambitions. I know that time is of the essence for most people, so I want this to be a shortcut to all the very best DIY projects, insights, recipes and products.

Everything in every feature has been hand-picked and meticulously curated by me. My original plan was to make this a place where I can tell you where my favorite restaurants, my new culinary secrets, what new life experiences I’ve learned, but also a place where I will be fulfilled. There’s still a lot I want to know about food, fitness, and well-being that I can’t answer on my own, so I want to bring in experts who can not only let me in on their secrets, but this will be a platform for a wider audience to be in on the know as well. When we band together, we can all succeed.

I’ve chosen five categories and topics that will be our tools in this constant quest to nourish our inner perspectives —

Celebrate — This is the place to be happy and embrace it. Our world has become a highly cynical place, and I can’t stand it. Everywhere we look we are putting anti-heroes on a pedestal. Since when has being a good person been looked down upon? Why are we imposing false modesty on other people? It’s ok to be confident. There’s no advantage to always wanting to be the underdog. I want to celebrate the people who deserve to be in the spotlight and in doing so, this is the perfect first step to nourishing the inner perspective.

Consume — Let’s get one thing straight, I love to eat. I love all kinds of food: healthy, fatty, crunchy, soupy etc. But there’s a difference between being a picky eater and being a thoughtful eater. I’ve been cooking for as long as I can remember, I’ve taken classes in culinary arts for many years and I want to bring all that experience to a wider community. My signature style is Asian-fusion, but I’m constantly looking for new techniques and recipes. I try to use whole ingredients whenever possible but my focus is on flavor and quality. These are the same recipes I use to cook for my family to consume, so I hope you’ll join me at my table.

Create — I love putting my own personal touch on things. I feel like it makes things that much more special. Even when things don’t turn out perfectly, people appreciate whenever additional effort has been put in. My DIY lifestyle is well-known to my circle of friends, and I want to create projects that are realistic. I don’t like things that take hours of effort. I’ll even make sure to let people in on the secret locations that I find my supplies for cheap. It may seem like a lot of extra effort, but you’ll be surprised how addictive DIY can be.

Culture — I originally started out writing a blog because I wanted to fulfill a part of me that wanted to communicate to a large group of people at all times. In the process of writing, I figured out that I’m constantly learning life lessons just by going through my day-to-day experiences. I want this part of TTF to be where the TTF community interacts and inputs their own experiences and opinions in a safe and open forum. This was envisioned to be the most personal part of TTF and hopefully we can create our own culture within this community.

Curate — Every week I want to point out my three favorite things. I was planning on creating a style site, or an E-commerce page but figured that wasn’t what I was really interested in making the basis for TTF. I still have great recommendations and have worked in retail for over ten years so I really feel comfortable knowing what’s out there when it comes to style + beauty. In addition, by choosing my three favorite things each and every week, it gives me in a way a reminder to be grateful for at least 3 different things in my life. I promise all my recommendations have gone through personal testing and experiments before they’ve been chosen to be featured. My goal is for every aspect of TTF to be thoughtfully curated and hopefully you’ll agree.

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  1. Ethel Gingrich
    October 16, 2016 at 10:26 pm (6 years ago)

    Deference to op, some excellent entropy.


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