I’m obsessed with scrubs. In 2015, President Obama signed the bill banning microbeads from being sold and distributed in consumer products because the beads are not biodegradable polluting our water. I wanted to find a ecologically conscious alternative, hence TTF’s signature DIY Scrub: Ain’t No Scrub.

Our DIY Scrub was developed and created by our beauty experts because we wanted a scrub that would help fight acne and leave your skin glowing. So “Ain’t No Scrub” should really be called “Ain’t Your Average Scrub,” but that’s not as catchy.

Each ingredients in this scrub have been chosen for a specific reason. Here are the benefits to the ingredients in TTF’s DIY Scrub – Ain’t No Scrub:

Raw honey is known as nature’s antibacterial so it’s perfect if you’re prone to breakouts. Honey is naturally full of antioxidants so it will help keep your skin youthful. Raw honey also moisturizes and will give your complexion a boost.

Organic Raw Sugar is the perfect biodegradable scrub for your skin. It will gently exfoliate and have all the benefits of the microbeads that we love so much but won’t harm the environment. As an alternative, you can also use organic brown sugar if you’re looking for a less gentle scrub, but I was still recommend using the raw sugar if you have sensitive skin.

Safflower Oil is less aggravating to skin and contains mostly linoleic acid which is our secret weapon in battling acne. Linoleic acid is an essential fatty acid that cannot be synthesized by the human body.

Virgin coconut oil naturally moisturizes your skin much better than the average lotion. Commercial lotions and moisturizes often contain a lot of water, so once your lotion dries out, your skin will dry out. Coconut oil will help provide real moisture and strengthen your skin.

Orange zest can help remove blemishes, dark circles and help brighten your skin. This will help provide you with a natural glow.

Also, keep in mind when you’re using raw honey and the coconut oil, make sure that you warm up the honey and coconut so that it’s mixable in your mask.

The graphic below features our exclusive recipe for the Ain’t No Scrub. Just combine all the ingredients in a large mixing bowl and mix them with a whisk until they’re fully incorporated. Because this one has a lot of perishable ingredients, I would use it right away while it’s still fresh. If you don’t add in the zest right away, or if you substitute a few drops of orange essential oil, this DIY Scrub can keep for weeks.

Apply the scrub liberally to your face and and exfoliate your face (avoiding the eyes) in a circular motion and leave it on for about 5-10 minutes. Then rinse off the scrub with warm water and go without make up for at least 2 hours post scrub.

Once you try Ain’t No Scrub, comment below and let us know how many compliments you get from strangers on your glowing skin.

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