Just some of our collection in Peachy Pom Pom
Just some of our collection in Peachy Pom Pom

Turning TTF into an e-commerce marketplace has been my plan from the beginning. Having my own business, creating my brand and sharing my creativity with people is why I love doing what I do. It just took me a while to figure out how I would execute this ambitious plan and also what I wanted to achieve with it.

After three years, I got sick of just blogging. Don’t get me wrong, I love engaging with readers, interviewing experts, and giving advice but the entire time there was a nagging part of me that wanted more. It was the same part of me that forced the sane/practical/reasonable side of me to go on this crazy journey in the first place.

I’ve always had an eye for creative DIYs and people constantly told me that I should start selling what I made (headbands, bags, shirts, wallets) so I figured “Why not? How hard can it be?” Turns out, it’s insanely hard. There are so many things that you have to consider:

  • Who will be the target audience? (No, everyone from ages 0-100 isn’t a target audience)
  • What is the product price point?
  • How did we select what products to sell?
  • What platform will we use to sell our goods?
  • What’s going to happen to TTF, is the site ending or moving?
  • and literally A MILLION OTHER FACTORS…

The very first thing I did was seek advice from e-commerce and merchandising experts. I knew enough about e-commerce to realise that I couldn’t exactly put everything that interested me online and hope that someone would eventually buy it. I had to figure out which of my personal interests would directly align with what’s trending in the current marketplace today?

Here was the easy part – pom poms & fruit.

I’ve honestly said countless times to people that buying a pom pom maker has changed my life. I initially bought my maker to use as a Christmas gift topper and then I quickly figured out that I can pom pom everything. The response I’ve received whenever people see my poms in person has been unanimously positive so I knew I had to make pom poms a cornerstone of whatever my business is going to be.

As a child, I’ve always had an affinity for doodling. Not actual “drawing” or “sketching” per se. I’ve never related to the concepts of dimension and perception in any of my art classes. But I’ve always responded to two-dimensional shapes, particularly different kinds of fruit. On top of that my last name “Dao” directly translates to “peach” in Vietnamese.

Boom, perfect – Peachy Pom Pom was born

Who will be your target audience?

Inexperienced designers often create pieces specifically in tune to their own tastes while out of touch designers will create products that they simply THINK people will want but are not passionate about. At the end of the day, it’s really about having a balance of the two.

While of course everyone is welcome to check out the collection (PLEASE do), Peachy Pom Pom was created for millennials who have an appreciation for design-friendly artisanal products at a realistic price.

How did you get to your price point?

Trust me, I love a bargain as much as the next person. But doing my deep, DEEP research into this venture I’ve figured out that there are a lot of factors in creating a quality product.

When I say realistic price, I mean realistic in the sense that “this is literally how much it costs to make this product, NO BS.” So nothing from Peachy Pom Pom will break the bank but if you’re looking for discount goods, this isn’t the place to shop.

But you also have to think of it this way: Are there is competitors that sell visually similar pieces at a lower cost? Yes, of course. But are those items made in the USA? Are they made with sustainable materials and ingredients? Were they packaged in a warehouse with safe and fair working conditions? Quality starts with materials but ends with the actual manufacturing and production.

Having a fair and sustainable business model simply means that the costs are going to be slightly higher but this way we’re able to guarantee that the quality and love is definitely there for each of our customers.

What was the selection process for your product assortment like?

During my initial R&D when I was trying to figure things out, I had about 100+ products I wanted to put for sale right away.

Thankfully, I have been under the guidance and mentorship by some of the lifestyle industry’s foremost experts on e-commerce and merchandise. They’ve helped me narrow my debut capsule collection down from a whopping 110 samples to a really tasteful 25 pieces.

Each product has been thoughtfully scrutinized and curated to meet the following criteria:

  1. Would this be something that people will actually use or leave lying around?
  2. Is there something about this product that makes it super unique?
  3. Will this be a quality item that can be used for quite some time?
  4. Is there anything else you can add to the item that will make this more over the top?

What platform will you use to sell your goods?

Etsy has been the perfect partner for this venture with Peachy Pom Pom. They’re the perfect intermediary for customers are designers. Since most TTF readers already have an Etsy account I wanted the easiest way (for both you and I) to get my products up and running.

We have a great customer service team, so you can message us directly on Etsy if you have any questions about any of our products. Our tech team is currently hard at work on launching our own store, but for the time being, partnering with Etsy just made the most sense because they already have all of the necessary infrastructure in place that we’ll need.

What’s going to happen to TTF? Is your site ending?

In short, NO. TTF isn’t going anywhere. If anything, by shopping with us at Peachy Pom Pom, you’re directly supporting the TTF Team. Funding will enable us to create more consistent content. We’ll be able to afford more DIYs, recipes, advice, and interviews.

Keep an eye out for a facelift coming to the TTF site very soon because your support will greatly assist us in ramping our content creation which in turn means more for the readers and us.

Check out official Etsy shop and support TTF!

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