A Millennial Guide on how to be winning at life

When we created the The Tri Factor (TTF) in early 2015, we had some pretty lofty goals in mind for what we wanted to be:

  • A digital platform for artisans and CEOs to share their stories
  • A lifestyle/food/DIY/fashion/beauty/fitness blog
  • An e-commerce hub that would encapsulate everything that we love
  • An inspirational self-help guide on mindfulness, empowerment and building success

Not that there’s anything wrong with aiming high, but things just became a bit all over the place. TTF was born out of the idea that we wanted a platform for all my knowledge, ideas and inspirations and to be able to share it with the rest of the world.

So over the years we created some really incredible content, had some great collaborations and received so much positive feedback from readers about how much they really were enjoying our articles. In that sense, it definitely was mission accomplished.

Writing for TTF really helped me hone my voice and figure out what kind of writer I wanted to be. I’ve become more experimental in my craft (literally my DIY crafts), bolder in my recipes and more inquisitive in my interviews. But not having a clear mission statement for where I wanted to take this site and brand, the consistency of content creation had a lapse.

During this time away from TTF I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on what output I wanted to create and what type of mark I wanted to leave in the blogosphere. This wasn’t just a light vacation from my passion project, this was a full-on identity crisis. I realized I had lost sight of what made TTF so special and what separated us from the millions of other blogs that are out there. Why did we deserved to have a place in people’s bookmarks folder if we don’t have a clear identity? This was such a millennial problem to have too many interests. But then from there it hit us, that’s what makes TTF so special.

A millennial cannot be defined by one specific thing. We are both artisans and CEOs that have stories to share. We are experts in our own rights in lifestyle/food/DIY/fashion/beauty/fitness because we have all the learning tools in the world at our fingertips. Our generation has helped make e-commerce the fastest growing industry in the world because we know exactly what we want and how to get it. Finally, we accomplish all of the above while being mindful, empowered and most of all — successful.

So instead of rebranding my site that I’ve spend countless hours on, I’m simply adding a mission statement. The Tri Factor is a Millennial Guide To Be Winning At Life.

Here are just some of our “winning” ideas on how we want to explore through our newfound clarity:

  • How to own your own future (we’ll figure this one out together)
  • The importance of who’s in your inner circle (our popular Friendship Series will be back)
  • Things I wish someone would have told me (a new learning exploration series)
  • Conversations with Winners (our upcoming interview series with people who’ve MADE IT)

We also have been very hard at work on an insanely exciting new project. So the moral of having a TTF identity crisis is that we’ve been on the right track all along, we just needed to know what all of this meant and what our purpose was. It’s to help people through all that we know and all that we’ll learn together. Join us so we can all help each other win at life.

A Millennial Guide on how to be winning at life

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