The Tri Factor

Month: April 2018

Easy tips on how to be more Hygge

Easy Tips on How to be more Hygge artwork

Hygge, Shoulda, Woulda Move over Konmari, there’s a new happiness concept in town, and it’s WAY more realistic and pragmatic to achieve on top of that. Hygge (pronounced HUE-GAH) is a single-word idea that encapsulates coziness and well-being contentment while you’re enjoying the simpler things in life. I first learned about this Danish concept from […] Read more…

The Tri Factor – A Millennial Guide To Be Winning at Life

A Millennial Guide on how to be winning at life

When we created the The Tri Factor (TTF) in early 2015, we had some pretty lofty goals in mind for what we wanted to be: A digital platform for artisans and CEOs to share their stories A lifestyle/food/DIY/fashion/beauty/fitness blog An e-commerce hub that would encapsulate everything that we love An inspirational self-help guide on mindfulness, […] Read more…