Earth Day Tips

One of the pillars of our concept to Nourishing Your Inner Perspective is mindfulness. Mindfulness needs to start with putting back into your home what it has given to you. So in honor of Earth Day, now the perfect time to start!

Let’s be real, we all work, we’re all super busy and we’re all tired. No one has time to be turning their lives upside down in order to be more mindful. That’s not a realistic expectation on what can be done. Wishing for the ideal is nice but having true perspective means knowing what actual changes you can make to your daily life.

I wish I could be the type of person that composts and recycles every little thing, uses solely green products, has the green to be buying “green” products and uses no electricity 24/7. But that’s not me, and I would assume most of our readers. So here is a list of REAL PEOPLE things we can do to help improve our planet.

This is a job for everyone because we’re all living on this planet. The time has ended where we just assume other people can do our jobs for us. If you leave a mess in our living room, are you expecting someone to come in and just clean it for you? If there’s a pile of dishes in your sink, are you just hoping for the best that a rich person will come in and wash them for you? How about we start with the silver spoon in your mouth?

Being real needs to go both ways. It’s not constantly fun or easy to make greener choices in life, but do what you can and let’s start ourselves on the right paths. Trust me, when you’re making that extra trip to drag out all your stuff to the compost heap and cursing my name, know that I’ll be suffering and schlepping all my stuff out to the compost out too.

Try our tips on Turning Scraps into Simple Suppers. Trust me, upcycling is super easy and will not only help save the Earth but will save your wallet too. A win-win, right? Nothing wrong with immediate satisfaction when it’s for the greater good.

Take your car to the carwash instead of washing it at home. You end up spending a few dollars, but this saves so much water in doing so. Plus now you can have an actual excuse to be lazy. Didn’t I tell you these tips would be full of win-wins?

Don’t be that person leaving the faucet running when you brush your teeth. Question, I personally have never done that before, so I don’t understand, why do people even do that? What’s the benefit of having the water running? I can understand when you’re washing your face because your hands are full of soap and and there’s likely soap all in your eyes, but why when you’re brushing your teeth? It’s probably just some habit and you’re not getting anything out of it anyways so just stop it. Everyone will love you, win-win again.

Use less toxic chemicals for everyday cleaning. I’m the worst, sometimes there is a time and place for some chemicals but for everyday cleaning? Put down the Windex. I’ve talked in great detail how much we at TTF LOVE Honest Products. Try them for yourselves and they smell great, there’s no harsh smell or residue in any of their cleaning products. YAY!

Wash your clothes in cold water instead of hot water. If you use a quality detergent, the results should still be the same and it will even help your clothes last even longer. While you’re in the practice of preserving your clothes, hang dry all of your good clothes (button ups, tops, pants) because it will save so much energy in the long run.

Most importantly, these are just some ideas to get you started. I’ve you never biked to work before, you’re likely not going to start, don’t kid yourself. Don’t bend over backwards to replace all your electrical appliances with solar powered and energy efficient items, if it’s not going to happen any time soon, it’s probably not going to happen any time later. It’s important to at least just do what we can to make positive change. Together if we all do these little things, trust me, it will make a HUGE IMPACT.

Happy Earth Day! Make sure you hug a Tri this week!

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