DIY Pineapple Costume

This DIY Pineapple Costume is the crown jewel of TTF’s 1st Annual DIY Food Series. (No pun intended)

This one is the most fruit-like of the bunch and is perfect for the next luau that you get invited to (Trust me, you will get invited to a luau in the future) Just be ready for a million Sponge Bob jokes from your friends.

But this one was probably my favorite of my costumes but also the easiest of this series. The extra hearts are totally optional, but I just wanted to raise the cutesy level to be really over the top. Mission accomplished.


1 yellow t-shirt
1 fabric covered headband
2 sheets of dark green felt
1 sheet of yellow felt
1 dark brown fabric marker
1 18” ruler (I used a notebook because I couldn’t find a ruler)
Green thread
A sewing needle
1 safety pin
Fabric scissors
Hot Glue Gun


To make the hat: 

  1. Using the dark green felt, cut 1 4” strip vertically down.
  2. On one end of the strip, cut 4 even triangles that have a diameter of 2” starting at one end to the other end.
    DIY Pineapple Costume
  3. Sew together both ends of the hat to make a circle using the green thread.
    DIY Pineapple Costume
  4. Cut out a circle that is a tiny bit bigger than the circle at the bottom of your loop. Sew the circle to the bottom of the hat in order to make your base. (I started sewing from the inside, so that all the excess thread stays on the inside of the hat.
    DIY Pineapple Costume
  5. Cut four 4” leaves with a 1.5 base. (Even if they’re a tiny bit uneven that’s ok, because it will make the hat look more natural.
    DIY Pineapple Costume
  6. Sew the base and the bottom 1.5” of the leaves to the hat on the valleys of the points. Check if you’re sewing them high enough so that they can comfortably bend down without being in danger of falling off.
    DIY Pineapple Costume
  7. Cut four more leaves but this time make them 3” in diameter so that they can really bent down. Sew them on the valleys of the outer leaves that you just added on.
    DIY Pineapple Costume
  8. Hot glue gun the crown to your headband.
    DIY Pineapple Costume

To make the shirt: 

  1. Place the ruler on a 45° angle, 2” from the bottom left corner of the shirt.
  2. Using the fabric marker, dot a line across the shirt.
    DIY Pineapple Costume
  3. Move the ruler up 2.5 inches and repeat the same step until you get all the way across the shirt. (Avoid the sleeves)
  4. Repeat the same steps on the opposite bottom corner so that you form a diamond pattern on the front of your shirt.
    DIY Strawberry Costume
  5. Cut out 12 hearts 1” in diameter out of the yellow felt
  6. Using the safety pin to secure them to the shirt, sew them onto the squares using the green thread. Intersperse them on alternating squares. (See image)
    Easy version: Skip the hearts all together. The brown marker lines will make your DIY Pineapple Costume look plenty pineapple-y. 

DIY Pineapple Costume

DIY Pineapple Costume

DIY Pineapple Costume

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