DIY Food Series

Two truths, (1) here at TTF HQ we LOVE food-themed outfits and (2) we call them “outfits” instead of “costumes” because we would wear these outfits 24/7 if we could get away with it.

Introducing TTF’s First Annual DIY Food Series:

This year’s theme will be a DELISH fruit salad. So this year’s series will show you guys how to make a strawberry outfit, a bunch of grapes, a yummy pineapple and a delicious looking watermelon slice.

You can also make this using a simple dress too if you’d like, but we made ours using a simple t-shirt so that you can still wear a blazer over the whole thing. You would be able to find all these materials year-round at Michael’s or your local craft store. I purposely avoid items that are too seasonal because they’ll be impossible to follow along.

Each of these fruit outfits probably cost about $15 worth of materials MAX because the shirt itself is only $3.99 and even if you have to buy felt balls or thread, you can still find them relatively cheap.*

Best of all, if sewing isn’t your thing, I mention where you can take shortcuts and make easy-versions of these same ensemble. Just keep in mind they likely will not be as resilient if you don’t sew the pieces to adhere them to the outfit.

We don’t recommend scrambling to make 4 different costumes in the span of a week like we did, but we DO recommend you make these ASAP. Countless jealous people were stopping us on the street to tell us how cute we looked. Happy DIY-ing!

WARNING: Don’t shop in the produce section of your supermarket wearing these because people might get confused and you don’t want to cause a riot. 

*But don’t go too cheapo on the thread because cheap thread is literally impossible to use so it will be a waste of money.

With this tutorial series, you will learn how to make:

A Grape

DIY Grape Costume

A Watermelon

Watermelon DIY Costume

A Strawberry

DIY Strawberry Costume

A Pineapple 

DIY Pineapple Costume


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