DIY Grape CostumeThis DIY Grape Costume is super cute. I put it on a white shirt so that the grapes would really pop from a distance. Trust me, people were stopping me left and right the whole day that I was wearing this telling me how much they liked it.

Even the hat would make a cute headband to wear on its own. (As long as you’re ok with everyone being jealous of how cute you look, sorry)


1 white t-shirt
1 fabric covered headband
2 sheets of purple felt
1 sheet of dark green felt
5-6 large purple felt balls
Purple thread
Green thread
A sewing needle
1 safety pin
Fabric scissors


DIY Grape Costume

To make the hat: 

  1. Cut out 6 1.5” leaves out of the dark green felt.
  2. Pinch together one of the ends of three of the leaves together and sew them onto the lower left end of the headband. I spaced mine about 2” from the the lower left end of my headband.
  3. Using the felt balls for spacing, repeat the same step about 3-4 felt balls away. Depending on how many you want on your headband.
  4. Using the layer of fabric on top of the headband, attach the leaves to the band by sewing the leavings into the fabric of the band.
  5. Sew or glue the felt balls in between the two sets of leaves. If anything, have the felt balls overlap on top of the leaves. Making it look a little overcrowded will give your hat a more grape-like look.
    Easy version: Use a hot glue gun and glue the leaves to the band. 

To make the shirt: 

  1. Cut about 15 purple circle felt shapes out of the purple felt in various sizes. (I did mine in some 1.5” – 2.5” diameter)
  2. Use the safety pin to secure the placement of grapes to your shirt, arrange them with the various grapes sizes in a triangle shape. Let them slightly overlap in order to look more grape-ish.
    DIY Grape Costume
  3. Using the purple thread, stitch the grapes to the shirt and remove the pins as your sew them on. (I used white thread on the outer pieces in order to give it a reflective look, but just do purple if you only have one color)
    DIY Grape Costume
    Easy version: Using the hot glue gun, you can glue the grapes to the shirt. But go easy on the glue!

DIY Grape Costume

DIY Grape Costume

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