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How many hours have you dedicated to reading about the current political circus? Once the election is over, will you feel like that was time well spent? Are you going to be able to make a difference? Why #OutVoteCounts ?

This has been an insane election cycle. More so than any campaign in recent memory, the upcoming 2016 Presidential Election, people are talking about politics. But the real question is, how many people are actually going to vote? So many people love talking about issues on their social media. Reposting a funny meme or political article can feel like you’re actually making a difference. But seriously? Are you going to vote?

First of all, are you registered to vote? If you’re not, register RIGHT NOW. It’s super easy and only takes a few minutes. Just make sure that you do before your state’s deadline.

I think it’s important to vote. Having apathy is the worst thing that you can have in your life. The foundation of nourishing your inner perspective is about educating yourself and being informed on critical issues. When we’re saying be “informed,” I’m not talking about random political commentary articles or watching clips from the Daily Show. Looking at the official voting records of the candidates that you’re voting for is a perfect definitive way to educate yourself on where politicians stand on issues that matter to you. It’s not that people are not informed, this is about people being “poorly informed.”

Check out this link so that you can research your local politician’s voting records:

I believe at the end of the day, what’s important is properly educating yourself. Listening to a candidate’s political team spin (*ahem Kelly Anne*) another scandal isn’t going to benefit you or anyone around you. Getting into an argument with your friends over Facebook on who’s candidate is worse is never going to end well. Get off your social media, get off the couch and get involved.

Which is why The Tri Factor team is so proud to be official partners with Rock the Vote in an effort to encourage more people (particularly millennials) to register to vote during this election on November 8th. Tell everyone you know, Our Vote Counts.

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