TTF Fempire
Listen up, y’all. TTF is on the lookout for strong women and men to feature in our new series:

The TTF Fempire

We will be celebrating content creators, girl bosses, pacesetters, and modern-day pioneers. When we can inspire each other, we end up empowering each other. Do you need to be a woman in order to apply? No. Do you need to be a feminist to join The TTF Fempire? Definitely.

Is this starting to get juicy but you’re not sure what exactly we’re looking for? Great question.

We’re looking for but not limited to:

  • beauty experts
  • style mavens
  • major foodies
  • business owners
  • talented artisans
  • rule breakers

We’re not interested in: 

  • cynical haters
  • snarky takedowns
  • general negativity

TTF has been going through some big changes. Our goal was always to be a community for us to share our experiences with each other to inspire others to achieve more. Now, not only is our team growing but our platform is evolving beyond just our stories. We need to spotlight not only those that currently inspire us but want to discover empowered individuals that will hopefully inspire you too.

We want to know your story, your ultimate goals, and most of all just know you. If this sounds like you or someone that you may know, please comment below or email our EIC directly at We would love to hear from you!

TTF was created as a haven to inspire happy smiles and laughs and everyday we continue to strive to do that first and foremost. Help us, help you.

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