The Tri Factor

Month: July 2016

Frying 101: You had me at fried

Frying 101 Featured Image

Like most Americans, I’m obsessed with deep fried food. Crispy, crunchy, crumbly and crackly. What’s not to love? While of course everything needs to be eaten in moderation, if you’re going to be eating deep fried food, make sure that it’s worth it. I’ve been accused of being a food snob before in the past. […] Read more…

Pineapple Doughnuts

Pineapple Doughnut Featured Image

Aloha! Big Secret: I’m obsessed with these pineapple doughnuts. During the summer season, a lot of people are often like “I don’t cook during this time of year! Fruit salad for dessert!” Not me. Call me crazy, but revenge is the only thing that can be served cold. We were having a luau potluck at […] Read more…

Pa-Tri-otic: Last Minute 4th of July Ideas

Last Min 4th Featured Image

If you’re like us and you do everything last minute, this guide is going to be a lifesaver. Every year I intend on keeping things low key by just have one or two other couples over but then one thing leads to another and then suddenly we have 20 people popping over. Happy Last Minute […] Read more…