I love bunnies. If you ask anyone who knows me personally, they will tell you that my favorite animal is a bunny. They’re my favorite animal to draw and I even call my boyfriend “Bunny” (don’t judge me). So when it came to coming up with a last minute DIY to decorate my grad cap there was no doubt that bunnies were going to be involved in some way. So here’s an easy DIY for my Bunny Grad Cap.

I also wanted something that was going to really POP from a distance. Because realistically the only people who are going to see your cap are the people watching from the audience. So the only people who will notice a design that has a million details/crystals/words would be you. From a distance it will just look like a blurry shiny blob. Don’t even bother.

Also, I had to pin a button to my cap in order to accommodate my tassel because I didn’t want to have my tassel permanently glued to my cap (and I forgot about the tassel). But you can put your tassel under the bunny head if you don’t mind it being a permanent part of the cap.

To make my Bunny Grad Cap you’re going to need just a few things:

Materials & Tools: 

3 White Felt Sheets
2 Pink Felt Hearts (“optional,” but not really)
2 Small* Black Felt Balls
1 Medium Red Felt Ball
A Pair of Fabric Scissors
Hot Glue Gun w/ Clear Glue (black glue will bleed into the material)
Marker (a Sharpie will be dark and might bleed into the felt)


First, dot the ear shape on one of the white felt sheets. I did mine 8” long and 2.5” wide and made the corners extra round. Leave yourself some extra space so that the ears will stick out above the hat a little less than an inch.

Once you’re happy with the size, using the fabric scissors, cut out the ear. Use the ear you just cut out to trace a second ear. Hold the two ears together like a sandwich to trim them both so that they’re exactly the same size.

Using the other white felt sheet and the marker again, dot out a circle. I did mine with a 5” diameter. Cut out the circle, this will be the upper half of the bunny head.

With the last sheet, dot out a large oval. Mine is 7” across and 3” wide. Cut out the oval and trim it to make the corners VERY round. This will be the bottom half of the bunny head.

First, make sure that your hat is facing the right way, (Trust me, so many people have sideways or upside down designs at every ceremony). Place the cap in front of you as if you’re the person sitting behind you at the ceremony. Second, place the 2 ears so that the facing corners touch and make a 30 degree angle. Allow for an inch of the ears to stick out over the top of the cap. Then place the circle over the ears at the bottom 2” of the ears. Finally place the oval horizontally over the circle but allow for 4” of the diameter of the circle to still be showing. (See image below)

Once you’re happy with the placement, using the instructions from your hot glue gun**, glue
the pieces in that same order: ears, circle and then oval. Next, glue on the eyes in a similar placement as my example. I had my eyes an inch apart. Place the nose in the very center of the oval and glue.

Finally, glue the two hearts on either side of the bunny head. If you can’t find felt hearts, just cut some out from a pink felt sheet. These ones are 2” high.

Allow the cap to dry for about 30 minutes before you wear it. Use a button to secure your tassel. (See image below)

*Felt balls usually come in 4 different sizes: mini, small, medium, and large. Just pick the sizes that you prefer the most as long as the black ones are smaller than the red one. Note: I ran out of red felt balls so I just cut out a heart nose using a pink felt swatch.

**Warning: Hot glue gun gets HOT. Seriously, if a child is making this hat, make sure you carefully follow the instructions and precautions of the package.


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