This is my favorite time of the year. Specifically, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Christmas is near and dear to me as well, but particularly with the additional hustle and bustle of finals, shopping, wrapping, decorating etc. I sometimes lose focus on what the holiday is really about to me. Thanksgiving on the other hand, is all about the food and spending time with my entire extended family. Since it comes right before Christmas, it sort of acts like a delightful palate-cleanser before the craziness of December. It helps me focus on my family, creating an incredible menu and most importantly, what I’m thankful for.

I actually have a ton of recipes and DIYs planned for release in the next few weeks, but before we get to all that, I wanted to take a second to reflect on the holiday and what it means to me and give you guys something to keep in mind for the season.

Friends & Family. This one goes without saying. I’m honestly blessed more than anyone I know to have such an incredibly supportive family and circle of friends. Particularly my extended family I’m most grateful for this year because the older I get, the more I’ve come to realize that there aren’t very many truly close extended families out there. What’s with this trend where so many people always tell me things like “I haven’t talked to my cousins in 5 years.” Particularly because we’re a large clan, it’s difficult to keep in touch and it does take a lot of effort. But if your family isn’t worth making an additional effort for, who really is?

The TTF Team. This site may be my namesake, so not only do I shoulder all the blame if it’s a flop but that also means I unwittingly get all the credit. But TTF is honestly anything but a one-person effort. From writing, to photography, to graphics and the social media, everything for TTF has been a team effort from day one and I wanted to make sure to acknowledge that. Running a site isn’t easy particularly because there are so many different external factors involved. But being surrounded by the best people certainly helps.

A New Perspective. 2015 has been an important year for me. I say that most years, but this particular year there have been so many different changes in my life and we still have more than a month left. I finish school this year. I started my new business venture. I left a job I’ve been wanting to leave for a long time. It’s been the year of taking risks for me. I’m still not sure whether or not they’re going to pay off, but I DO know that I will have big regrets if I played it safe as usual.

Going to the Movies. Anyone who knows me is well-aware of how much I love going to the movies. It’s one of my passions. Even if it’s a B-movie, I’m willing to give it a try. It’s not the same to me to simply stream a film. I love the experience of going to the theater. The big screen and surround sound makes it feel like a true experience to me. It seems like a luxury to most, but considering I don’t drink, it sort of evens out at the end. There have been so many amazing movies this year that not only have been a great escape, but an inspiration to my creativity. I want to write in the future about movie going experiences, but trust me, if you want to see me on a Friday, you better be ready to go to the movies.

Good Food. If there’s one thing that people should remember about me is that the only thing I love more than going to the movie theater is eating delicious food. YUM. I’m so grateful not only to have such a discerning palate that I’m very opinionated about dishes and food preparation, but also just to live such a life where I never have to worry about where my next meal is coming from. That’s because not only of my own hard work but also of the people around me and my family taking amazing care of me.

Every year I try to take time aside in the midst of the craziness to not only think about how I’m grateful for what I have but about how I can’t take anything for granted. We’ll get back to our usual holiday recipes and DIYs tomorrow, but please make sure to spotlight everything and everyone that you’re thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving !!

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