*True Story – I won a halloween hat costume contest with this exact hat last year beating out 50+ other people. So I’m giving you guys the secrets to literally an award-winning hat. 

Halloween’s coming up and as per usual I’m scrambling to find a last minute costume idea. Last minute costumes ideas are everywhere nowadays so I’ve used a certain criteria when it comes to figuring out which would work for me —

  1. It must be really easy. I don’t mean “I DIY all the time so for me, it’s easy while you guys are rereading instructions until 2am,” something that anybody can do.
  2. The materials can’t cost an arm and a leg. I’ve spent upwards up $300 on costumes before. Let’s not go crazy year.
  3. This must be very fast and not labor intensive. I swear, this DIY from start-to-finish is about 30 minutes and will cost about $20 for the materials.

But this Carmen Miranda hat DIY is honestly really easy, fun and one of my most popular hats that I’ve made. When it’s finished, it’ll look like you slaved over it for hours but only we’ll know how simple it really was. Shhhhhh!


  • A hot glue gun with clear sticks (You’ll need at least 3 sticks, I’ve used the same gun for years)
  • Various plastic fruit (I used a variety of grapes, lemons, strawberries, limes and pumpkins which I bought from Michael’s)
  • A thick headband that’s wrapped in fabric (Plastic ones won’t stick as well)


  • First glue on the apple (or your largest fruit) as your base.
  • From there, arrange the fruit in the way that you want your headband to look like. I like the similar fruits to be grouped together, not all over the place.
  • Start gluing the pieces on, starting with the heaviest pieces.
  • Put the grapes on last, and let them drape over the edge.
  • I made a last minute accessory with an extra lime slice that I glued onto a random button.
  • Optional — You can brush spray glue and shake glitter on top, but I went for a more natural look for my hat.

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