I try my best to stay motivated. As an adult, there are things that are no longer cute to be anymore—broke, unhealthy, and lazy. The broke part, trust me I’m trying. Living a healthy lifestyle is a daily challenge that I’ve started taking on slowly. But the lazy part? I still haven’t figured out the secret that some people have. I understand that in order to get what you truly desire, you’re going to have to work for it. When there’s something that needs to get done at work or school, I’ll summon all my strength and get through it. At the same time, I’m a hot mess.

I deliberately don’t let people pass me on escalators, they’re missing the whole point. Same with moving sidewalks. Unless we’re at the airport, there’s no point in running on one of those things. As a matter of fact, you’re not supposed to run on them because it’s dangerous.

I’m the worst about developing photos. I always say I’m going to do it, but I honestly never think to. I always imagine those people who have picture frames in their houses with actual photos in them to be the real grown ups in my life. Like did they seriously email the photos to a photo developing place, pick up the photos on time, buy a frame, frame them and then hang them up? Tell me your secrets to life. Teach me your black magic.

I’ll do anything to avoid ironing. I have a crazy method of ironing where I just won’t do it. I’d rather chance it and just pop my shirt on a hanger and take a hot shower next to it and hope that somehow the deep-set wrinkles will just go away. My other signature is to be ironing on a towel on the bathroom floor of my hotel with a tiny travel iron. Are the settings on those things burn or off? Where’s all the steam? Just save yourself the trouble and buy wrinkle-free. Worth it. Don’t get me started on laundry.

Friend: “Is it laundry day?”
Me: “Excuse me, how dare you? Just because I have a different sense of style, you don’t have to be presumptuous.”
Friend: “You’re wearing mismatched socks and a fur vest over your pajama shirt.”
Me: “Go away.”

Organizing turns into a 2-day ordeal for me. I spend about 10 minutes doing any actual cleaning and putting away stuff and then the rest of the afternoon is spent scouring over long-forgotten artifacts from my past. I probably still have a box of stuff I’m supposed to have donated sitting in my room somewhere.

Dry-cleaning and altering clothes. If something is “dry clean only,” trust me, I’ll probably just wear it once or twice and then leave it in a pile of clothes that I need to take to the cleaners for months. I just skip buying anything DCO at this point no matter how cute it is. Same with alterations, I hate how Nordstrom doesn’t alter things on sale for free. Like, where do you expect me to shop? Full-price? HA. I always buy pants that are super long, and then refuse to pay for their premium hemming price and then have it hanging in my closet for like a year. I probably still have a few things that need altering hanging somewhere.

My hair is very poufy and unmanageable. But I refuse to put product in it every morning. I want people around me to get used to my natural hair because I’m literally getting up at the last possible second every single morning in order to get ready for work. Besides, I’ve never used product on the daily before, what’s the protocol? Do you go to sleep with all that product in your hair? Or do you take a second shower at night? Either way, I don’t have time for that. My natural hair has become my signature look and I’ve somehow tricked people into thinking that’s what I’ve always intended but the secret is I’m just too lazy to style it every morning. Who cares. Just be confident.

Batteries. The new humiliation I’ve been suffering is when people judge me when they ask me for the time, only to figure out that my watch battery is dead and I’m just wearing it for fashion. I have like a pile of watches in my accessories box just sitting there, so why not wear them in the meantime? I just have to sneakily peek at my phone whenever people ask me for the time. What’s so complicated?

I don’t know where my tendencies come from. I’m guessing it’s because I have so many mandatory responsibilities everyday that this is my way of rebelling against my strict schedule. It’s understandable that when you’re killing yourself for 8-hours at work, and then scrambling to finish all your homework at night, once you finish doing all the dishes who wants to do any ironing? Like you’re supposed to clean your make-up brushes once-a-week or some ridiculous amount like that. Who has time for that?

I think if you simply make the time for what’s important to do and you’re doing what you have to do, it doesn’t matter what others say about how you live your life. Sure I can be better about rubbing my wooden cutting boards with salt and mineral oil every week, but that’s not going to happen. Nourishing your inner perspective is about living the best life that’s right for you, and not letting others or society dictate those decisions for you. I should be making homemade stock with my leftover chicken bones in the fridge tonight, but I just worked for 10-hours straight so I’m going to treat myself to a Netflix evening because I deserve it.

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