Cuties — Clementines and satsumas come in different brands and shapes all the time. But I specifically recommend you get Cuties. The knock off brands all suck and end up being dry for half the batch IMO and worst of all, end up having a TON of seeds. Ugh (sorry Halos!) So when you pick them out, make sure they’re extra firm and are the smaller sized ones. They tend to be more juicy and tart.

Dark Hudson Cherries — I know Bings are all the rage lately, and they’re undeniably delicious. But they’re only available for like 3 weeks out of the whole year towards the end of the cherry season. I love stone fruit, so I need to be eating cherries for as long as possible. Dark Hudson Cherries have all the crunch of Bings but are slightly more tart and cherry-like. They’re like the Bing Cherries’ sexy darker cousin. So they’re perfect for baking and just snacking. TRUST ME.

Redbox — When you get older and busier, sometimes even going to the movies can be an
ordeal. Who has the time? So I love Redboxing everything and making it a perfect date night. The new thing I discovered is: try to always make sure to get the Blu-Ray version of the movies. They tend to be less scratched, and also get the movies as soon as they come out because the older they are, the less likely they will work.

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