I love citrus. Every house I’ve grown up in we’ve had a tangerine tree, so I have a particular affinity for tangerines. They’re like an orange’s sassier cousin. They add so much color and tang to everything I add them to and have a certain bite that’s missing from other citrus fruits. Especially when you cook them, it even further intensifies their flavor.

But, if any of you TTFs have experienced a tangerine tree before, you know that it’s seriously a rags-to-riches situation because they all ripen at the almost the same time. So one day they’ll all be green and you’ll be hella licking your lips waiting to eat those juicy suckers and then suddenly the next day you’ll have literally over 125 tangerines in your lap. After you guys have had your fill of them, (not sure if that’ll be possible but for the sake of this article just play along with me guys) I have some quick recipes that’ll help you TTFs make sure they don’t go to waste.

Tangerine Mimosas — Think a traditional mimosa, but with the volume turned up. Tangerines have a more concentrated flavor than regular oranges, so instead of going 1:1 ratio champagne and tangerine juice, go 2:3. More champagne per cup? What’s the problem?

Spinach Salad — I love the combination of citrus and spinach. Spinach leaves are sturdy enough to stand up to these flavor bombs, so just throw in the segments of about 2 tangerines with about a pound of spinach, a thinly chopped shallot, half of an English cucumber thinly sliced, a handful of grated parm, a handful of candied walnuts, and drizzle a LIGHT vinaigrette. You have a perfect side-dish.

Vinaigrette — While we’re on the subject of salads, why don’t you throw in some tangerine juice into your everyday salad dressing? Give the lemons a rest for the week. Just add in 1/4 cup of EVOO, the juice of 1 tangerine, one finely chopped shallot, 1 tb of dijon Grey Poupon, tons of black pepper, 1 tsp of mirin, and 1 tsp of soy sauce. Delicious, my mouth is watering at this point.

Tangerine Whipped Cream — I love oranges and chocolate, so I thought why not tangerines and chocolate? For a quick frosting, just whip one cup of heavy whip with the zest of one tangerine and the juice of 2, plus 3 tb of powdered sugar. People aren’t going to be able to guess what your secret ingredient is but trust me, they’ll be too busy licking their lips and eating to even ask.

Finally, if you’re in doubt, don’t freeze them. Just throw them into smoothies after you’ve taken out all the seeds. They will have the same effect as orange juice but because they’re
more firm and juicy than regular oranges they’ll blend better than other types of citrus. If you guys don’t believe me, just put your money where your mouth is and give these recipes a try. I’ll be waiting here for you guys to be crawling back on your hands and knees.



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