• instant joy featured image

    TTF Happiness Guide — Part 1: Instant Joy

    Wanting to be happy is a basic human desire and need. Tackling this issue can be daunting because (a) happiness can mean different things to different people and (b) a feeling can be objective. So figuring out the secret to guaranteed happiness can be like searching for the secret to the meaning of life in […] Read more…

  • Peachy Pom Pom BTS

    Peachy Pom Pom – Behind the Scenes Part 1

    Turning TTF into an e-commerce marketplace has been my plan from the beginning. Having my own business, creating my brand and sharing my creativity with people is why I love doing what I do. It just took me a while to figure out how I would execute this ambitious plan and also what I wanted […] Read more…


  • Watermelon Pizza featured image

    Watermelon Pizza

    I’ve said it before, but this pizza is seriously AMAZING. I created this recipe out of sheer laziness because I needed a last minute dish for a July 4th potluck that could be assembled very quickly. At the potluck I cut up an entire giant watermelon and I’m telling you, those slices FLEW. OFF. THE […] Read more…

  • Gateway Green Juice Featured Image

    Gateway Green Juice

    I just want to preface that I normally LOATHE a green juice or smoothie. I understand their benefits and I wish I was one of those hip people who work out constantly and drink nothing but green juices in the morning instead of my usual giant coffee. But to my surprise, this one I created […] Read more…


  • Smooth Criminal Bunny

    DIY Organic Facial: Smooth Criminal

    The one and only goal of this Smooth Criminal mask is to prevent wrinkles. Organic clay will tighten your skin and pores and increase your skin’s elasticity. The clay can get all over the place when you’re making this mask, so use this mask right away as soon as you make it. We named this […] Read more…

  • Bunnies Clinking Glasses TTF

    DIY Organic Facials

    Making a homemade face mask is something that I always like in theory but never find the time to execute. Actually, masks are something that I never have time to do because I can never find a spare 30 minutes in my day to literally just lie around. But once I started making/using them, I’m […] Read more…


  • Money Manners featured image

    Money Manners — What to do when people don’t have them

    Friends are the best. You can tell them anything and everything. They know all your secrets along with your ups and downs. Well, except when it comes to money. Finances can potentially make or break a relationship. People have a tendency to want to tiptoe on eggshells when it comes to that topic. Below, we’ve […] Read more…

  • When to break up with a friend featured image

    Friendship Part 6: Breaking up with a Friend

    In this arduous journey that we’re making through adulthood, there is a situation that every (sane) person will have to encounter at least once in their lives — ending a friendship. There are a number of valid reasons why you would need to end a friendship: Your friendship has become toxic Both of you have […] Read more…


  • Taste the rainbow featured image

    TTF Investigates – Taste the Rainbow

    Eating healthy is literally a constant daily challenge for me. There are so many rules that you have to follow — drink lots of water, five servings of vegetables, no nightshades — that it seems impossible. Which is how we came up with our easy concept – taste the rainbow. In order to simplify things, […] Read more…

  • Cold Water Switch

    TTF Investigates — The Case of the Cold Water Switch

    I’m not an insane person. I hate doing laundry as much as the next person, but also like the next person (particularly TTF readers), I’ve become environmentally aware over the past few years. With just some light research, we’ve come up with some fun and totally realistic ways to lighten your load when you’re doing […] Read more…